Tommy was raised by his parents to always consider how he may assist others in the community. Although having very little themselves, the ability to assist others was a lesson they instilled in him from a young age.

Through Tommy’s work, he supports an orphanage near Da Nang which cares for approximately 20 – 30 children. Their ages range from 1 to 12, with some experiencing severe physical and mental health issues. Unfortunately these children have been abandoned by their parents for many reasons, but are provided with extraordinary love and care by the women working in the shelter. They receive no Government funding, and have only the support of Tommy Dao Tours to provide the basic elements of food, clothing and many other requirements.

Tommy also provides food packs to about 6 elderly people (mostly all over 90 years old) living in his community. Some are blind, all are bed ridden, living in a dark room on bamboo beds with no support available to them.

I have personally witnessed the impact of Tommy’s work through visiting the orphanage and delivering food parcels to the elderly. The most wonderful thing is to see the heartwarming response from the elderly and the smiles of the children.

Please allow Tommy the opportunity of continuing this work by supporting his business. Not only will you receive a wonderful experience of Vietnam, you are assisting in some small way to those less fortunate.

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